How should I wear my hair for a dry curly cut with you?

•  Please come with hair fully dry, down and curly. You can use your own products.
•  Please have your hair washed within several days; I must be able to get my fingers through easily.
•  Please wear your normal styling products. If you use Deva’s One Condition, please rinse thoroughly.

•  Please do not use elastic bands, clips or bobby pins before your visit.  

•  Please no pony tails, braids or half ups. I need to see the natural curl pattern.
• Please try to get as much curl definition as possible especially if you have coils.
NOTE: I cannot guarantee a well-balanced haircut unless these requests are followed.
The salon is cozy. Please leave loved ones at home and mute phone.
How will I remember all the products and techniques used at the dry curly cut appointment?
When you leave, you will receive a brochure with the specific products and amounts for your hair. This will also explain the specific techniques I used on you to achieve your look. We will go over it to make sure your questions are answers. For your convenience, I also sell the products used on you and my prices are generally lower than a small beauty store. If you do like a product I used on you , you can also directly order through my Curl Shop. Please note that you won't remember everything because it is a learning experience and a practice. I am continually learning and evolving too. I will pass on to you what I know now.
How often do I need my hair cut?
I recommend 8 - 10 weeks for wavy clients and 3 - 4 months for curlier clients. Straight and curly hair both grow approximately 6 inches per year. The difference is the curlier the hair, the less that length shows.  It really depends on the length of your hair, how damaged it is and how much volume (fullness) you like to achieve. At your appointment, I will be able to determine the best interval for your haircuts.
What can I do about frizz when I wake up?

Please see my two videos on second day hair.
Take a paper towel, fold it in half and dampen it with water. Apply a nickel size amount of Curly Girl approved conditioner in the middle and scrunch it in. Smooth it out again applying to sections of hair with a wiping motion. The object is to smooth down the frizz/halo/cuticle layer. Apply more conditioner if needed. Paper towels can be re-used multiple times.
Is it ok to be more than one curl type?

Most people have at least two curl types up to three or four within one head. Many people have varying hair textures as well. We are all unique and this is why it is so challenging for a non-professional to know what to buy and how to explain their needs. This is why a Curly Hair Specialist is needed.
Silk verses satin pillowcases? 

Satin is a fabric created from oil. Silk is from the silk worm. Both reduce tangles by keeping the cuticle layer (outside layer of the hair shaft) closed and diminish facial lines. It is especially important for use on fine hair. However, because silk is a natural fiber it breathes better. For menopausal women, get silk! It is also naturally hypoallergenic and is resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and dust mites. Satin is less expensive and you can purchase two at Bed, Bath & Beyond for under $10. I recommend Dharma Trading Company in San Rafael, CA for your silk pillowcases. With shipping, the total is $20. Either one will do.
What can I do so I don't have to re-wet all my hair in the morning?

Right before you go to sleep, put your hair gently and loosely in a ponytail on top of your head with a scrunchie. This is also called the Pineapple
How do I protect my hair while swimming?
What if I want color? 

Please know that I rarely take all color projects; these days I focus on cutting.
However, if you are interested in transitioning from color to your natural gray--Iet's talk!
Wet your hair and apply a very small amount of CG appoved (Curly Girl approved) conditioner. This creates a barrier between the water and the hair shaft. If your hair is long enough, put in a ponytail midback. Then put your swim cap on. Adjust your goggles so that the straps fit over and under the ponytail bump in back. This will hold it in place.
What are some informational sites where I can learn more about curly hair? is a wonderful, overwhelmingly-filled site with EVERYTHING curly. has great videos on understanding product application and care of hair. is Jessica McGuinty's site with her blog, radio and videos on curly hair and products.
Curly Nikki is a therapist, blogger, natural hair advocate and author of Better Than Good Hair.
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