"Flip It...Flip It Good!" Clip Application

"I have a few clients who really struggle with clip application.

I've started teaching them my "Flip It" trick," says Cathy Vacura Thompson.

Cathy is another warm-hearted and passionate Curly Hair Specialist south of Denver, Colorado. I met Cathy through Curly Hair Artistry and we continue to inspire each other.

"Determine where you want your final part to be.

Flip the hair over to create a part about 1" to 1.5" parallel to the final part position (photo1).

This creates nice loops to easily slide in 4-5 clips. (photo 2.)

Repeat/ flip to the other side of the final part, slide in clips (photo 3).

Flip back to final part position (photo 4).

Dry. To remove clips without pulling hair, repeat process."

Click for more information on Cathy Vacura Thompson or her salon,

Johan Hair Studio!

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