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10 Advantages of Cutting Curly Hair Dry

Each head of curls is unique and special. Each haircut I give is completely customized for you and your curl patterns.
1. I can see exactly how your hair will fall when you wear it. This allows me to sculpt the hair, chiseling away to create shapes with dimension and balance.
2. I can create angles that not only accentuate your best features, but suit your personality as well.
3. I can customize a cut that takes into account your individual texture(s), density, length and lifestyle.
4. By seeing the movement of your hair, I can shape it according to the way it grows.
5. I can see the way it grows by taking into account the shape of your head. This will allow your hair to grow out balanced.
6. When your hair is cut wet you cannot truly see how it's going to look. It can spring upwards of
6 - 10 inches when your hair finally dries.
7. When cutting hair dry, it is a three-dimensional-sculptural process dealing with minute strands in the air. Wet cutting on curly hair is not as precise because of the elongation of the strands and thus loss of curl shape.
8. Every strand is a separate entity that reacts differently to the scissors. I approach each curl individually, considering its texture, its degree of curliness and how it relates to the curls around it.
9. Dry cuts allow for natural curl and texture inconsistencies to be discovered and cut.  
10. You wear your hair dry, it makes sense to cut it dry.


©2013 Dianne Nola

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