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How should I wear my hair for a dry curly cut with you?

Watch:  How To Wear Your Hair For Your Dry Curly Cut!
Please no tangles because I don't use a comb just fingers
Use your regular products but make sure the hair is untangled before you enter the suite
Please come with hair dry, down and curly
​Please have your hair washed within a day
​Please do not use pony tails, half ups, clips or bobby pins 
Please do not use oils, serums or butters for two weeks before your appointment
Please note: At time of appointment, stand in front of door, please text me at 415-786-6402 or use the Butterfly MX Intercom in front. I will buzz you in, then walk upstairs and turn left and another left where you will see a blue chair.
Where can I hang out before my appointment?
If you have an extra 30+ minutes, either go 5 blocks west on Chestnut St to the Marina district, south on Polk St to the Russian Hill district or Union St to the Cow Hollow district for cafes and places to dine. For a hike, check out the stunning views from Fort Mason. Equator Coffees at Fort Mason is one of my favorites!
What can I do so I don't have to re-wet all my hair in the morning?
Right before you go to sleep, put your hair gently and loosely in a ponytail on top of your head with a scrunchie. This is also called a Pineapple
Watch:  How To Have Great Second Day Curly Hair!
Please read: Plop = Wrapping wet hair in cloth to absorb excess water and reduce frizz.
Please read: Buff/Neck gaiter/Bonnet =  A long, wide tube of stretchy fabric/satin that is intended to be scrunched up and placed down over your head and then extended up over the top of the head to preserve curls.
Silk verses satin pillowcases? 
Satin is a fabric created from oil. Silk is from the silk worm. Both reduce tangles by keeping the cuticle layer (outside layer of the hair shaft) closed and diminish facial lines. It is especially important for use on fine hair. However, because silk is a natural fiber it breathes better. For menopausal women, get silk! It is also naturally hypoallergenic and is resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and dust mites. Satin is less expensive and you can purchase one for under $10. I recommend Dharma Trading Company in San Rafael, CA for your silk pillowcases. With shipping, the total is $26. Either one will do.
Before and After Photographs
I take Before and After photographs of all new clients to document the process. I often broadcast them on social media and/or publish in print. Please wear make up if so inclined. Please tell me if you are camera-shy and we can hide your face.
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