New Client Questionnaire

Please sign up on the Wait List and include name and
phone number together plus email to be contacted. 
Please fill out the questionnaire now as most on Wait List
don't and I'd love to help YOU!
  • I am only accepting individuals who want to become regular clients (3 - 6 times/year).
  • Please copy all questions below and send with answers to along with uploaded pictures. This information tells me how much time I need to do your hair.
  • Emails must include clear well-lit pictures of yourself with completely dry hair and only 3 - 5 styles wanted.
  • I work on a case-by-case basis, in hopes of developing an on-going working relationship with you and your hair.
  • The New Client Fee is $60 + Dry Cut + (20% gratuity included).
  • The haircut price is based on density, length and style change and starts at $170 for 2.5+ hours of time! I am detail-oriented and sculptural in approach so your cut will be tailored to YOU!
  • New client appointments on a Saturday or Thursday past 3pm include a 10% surcharge for premium time.
  • Appointments are made online by the client when I contact them via phone or email. In addition, all appointments require a credit card to hold booking.
  • For further information, please look at the Appointments and Policies pages.
  • I rarely take extremely long hair (mid-back length+), so please email and include a back picture first before filling out form.
  • While I do my best over email and pictures, all prices are estimates only and may be adjusted at the time of your appointment.
(copy and paste questions and answers then email to
1. What is your first and last name?
2. What is your phone number?
3. Was your last cut a Dry Cut/Deva Cut or have you had one before?
4. Where are you traveling from (district or town)?
5. How did you find out about me?
6. Are you looking for a trim or larger change?
7. What are your goals/hopes when you leave?
8. Please send me 3 pictures of styles that attract you.
You can go to my InstagramPinterest page (hundreds of curly pictures and take a screen shot) or create your own board and send me the link. 
You can also go to Google images or send old pictures of yourself in styles that you want again!
9. I require three separate well-lit current pictures of yourself (selfies) with camera level to your frontside and back. (Have someone else take the back shot.) Please include all of your hair in photos and in its natural position. Do not push it to the front. (See example below.)
10. Please send all above information to
If you have any questions, we are here for you!
Please send an email to and we will get back to you within several days.
I can't wait to work with you!
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