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Why trust your curls with anyone else? 

Over 30 years as a professional hair stylist
––and a lifetime as an artist.
"Dianne is AMAZING!! She is an artist by nature. She has wavy hair herself so she understands the CG method and wavy hair challenges from both sides. She sees your head, hair, and style as one and gets your hair to do what it wants to do, in beauty. My last cut was the best haircut I've ever had. She has mad skills, and draws on all her experience to do what each customer needs, specifically. She's also always learning and trying new things, to keep it fresh. It's so nice having a Curly Girl hairstylist who GETS IT!!!!"

--C.A. B.

"Dianne Nola is the best stylist I have ever been to. Her attention to detail and artistic sensibility are finely honed. She brings a bright and cheery disposition and thoughtfulness to her work, and creates a comfortable and serene environment in the salon. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the many idiosyncrasies of curly hair and how to manage them through cut and care."

--Sharon W.

"I've had 'deva style' haircuts before, but Dianne is in a class of her own. She is a true master; she is extremely knowledgeable, and passionate about curly hair. It is such a difference to have your hair cut by a stylist who is devoted to her profession! I have to drive more than 3 hours to get to her, but I will be returning happily. I really recommend her. You will be getting a haircut that is right for you, and that is not that easy to find!"

--An B.

"Dianne Nola is the best hair stylist I have ever encountered. She is so good, that although I recently moved an hour away from her (east bay near Walnut Creek), I have still gone back because she is worth the drive and the price! She is really friendly and fun to talk to. Furthermore, she knows so much about curly hair, so it is fun to pick her brain!"

--Karolyn K.

​"Dianne Nola has been my hair stylist for more than twenty years. [She] cuts my hair in a way that captures the curl, wave and lay of my hair, and fits the reality of my too busy lifestyle. The patience and wisdom with which she has done all of that is a unique experience for me - and thus I am a most loyal and grateful client. I read that other reviewers have similar experiences - when you are in Dianne's salon, you feel as if you are her only client. And in that hour or two, you really are."

--Pamela S.

"Dianne gave me the first and only hair cut of my life that I have ever loved. She knows her stuff backwards and forwards. She is an expert. She spent 2 hours with my hair and knows more about it and can advise on how to manage it better than me. I am not exaggerating. I can't thank her enough. I am so lucky to have met her and Im just hoping she will stay in this city and cut my hair from now on."

--Anna F.

“I refer to my first haircut with Dianne as my ‘life-changing haircut.’ For the first time, I regularly wear my hair down; I feel glamorous; and my hair's full potential has been unleashed. I found Dianne after years of trying different curly hair specialists--I even went to the fancy Devachan salon in SoHo, New York--and the haircut I got from Dianne was
WAY better. Dianne truly listens and hears what you want and makes sure she understands, plus she is not afraid to
offer her expert advice on what will look best.
Dianne is far and away the more gifted, professional and superb stylist whom I have encountered. And she has a lovely and low-key manner; it's a delight to be her client. So, in short, I highly recommend Dianne. Go see her and you'll also get a life-changing haircut!”

--Joanna L.
"Because of Dianne's talent, my hair looks great AND is super-easy to maintain. For me to be this thrilled with a haircut that is so different from anything I have ever had is a testament to Dianne's skill. I would recommend Dianne Nola to anyone looking for a specialist in curly hair. She does outstanding work, her prices are reasonable, and she creates a wonderful atmosphere in the salon with her professionalism and upbeat personality! Thank you, Dianne!"
--Kay P.
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