I am honored that you would like me to help you! Because it is just me I am unable to personally respond to most phone calls. However I do have office hours on Mondays 9-1pm.

In case of emergency, sickness or tardiness on day of service, please call or text ASAP before appointment time at 415-786-6402.

I rarely read emails when working. Appointments tend to start and end on time. Your appointment will be held for 15 minutes but after that time period, you will be subject to a no-show charge. Because of the traffic in this area, please contact before appointment if you think you may be late.

New clients with less than 72-hours' notice are subject to the $74 New Client fee. All client cancellations with less than 48-hours' notice are subject up to the full service fee that will be charged on held credit card. If you try to reschedule within that time, Schedulicity (the online booking system) will not permit it.

I’d appreciate your consideration with cancellations and changes of appointments to be done at least a few days in advance and not repeatedly. If I am given a week in advance, it is easier to fill. Emergencies do happen as we have all been there. In addition, please remember 
you cannot hold two appointments at the same time. 
Thank you as I am paid for my time when working.

All appointments are scheduled, cancelled or rescheduled by client entering their account on Schedulicity. We can also make your next appointment after your service. If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one here. You can also login at the bottom of any confirmation email by clicking the Schedule Now button. Downloading the Schedulicity app is the easiest way to attend to your account. You can always contact them at support@schedulicity.com or 877-582-0494.

I take Before and After photographs of all new clients to document the process. I often broadcast them on social media and/or publish in print. Please wear make up if so inclined. Please tell me if you are camera-shy and we can hide your face.

All clients must wear a mask in the suite and building. Currently there is no eating or drinking in the suite.

There is now waiting inside the building. Please limit mobile conversations except for emergency usage. Please mute sound notifications on cell phone/wearables.

Often with a new client, I prefer in the beginning to work on your hair in silence. I am getting to know your hair; please do not take this personally. We will have plenty of time to answer your questions in the latter half. 
I do encourage all guests to use our time as a respite from the outside world of transactions. I have created a space that is soothing aurally and visually. My hope is that you will leave feeling refreshed and restored.

If a service needs an adjustment because something is uneven, please let me help you. I offer a period of two weeks for curly cuts. Though I do not give refunds, please contact me if you are unhappy. Hopefully we can communicate, come up with a plan and resolve the matter. Writing a negative review does not help either of us.

I offer product credit to be used on products within two weeks of purchase and on unopened bottles.

All technical support questions can be directed to support@schedulicity.com or 877-582-0494