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Zoom or FaceTime Consultations 
Confused about your hair, what it's doing, how it's changing or what you want your image to be?
Maybe you live outside of San Francisco or just don't have the time to come in?
This is how a virtual consultation could benefit you!
We can go over images from your past, images you like now, your face shape, hair texture
and create a plan for your future!
30 Minute Virtual Consultation -- $70 (gratuity included)
Need more information on your hair and what you want to do? Are you seeking instruction in certain areas? Have a Deva cut but are still confused about styling? Can't get those clips from falling over?!
Why is your hair still so frizzy? Confused about product choices and amounts?
Perhaps a virtual lesson is for you!
60 Minute Virtual Consultation -- $140 (gratuity included)

Just email me at to get started!
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