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The Differences Between A Wet & Dry Cut

Choose a Wet Cut if...

1. You have very consistent curls.
​2. Your hair texture is similar all over.
3. You've had successful wet cuts in your past.
4. You don't want to be in a salon for hours.
5. You'd rather spend your money elsewhere.
6. You are mostly satified with your product knowledge but open to ideas.
7. You aren't looking to re-learn and change all your techniques, but maybe a couple.
8.  You are basically satified with your hair and need a strong cut.

Choose a Dry Cut if...

1. You never seem to love your haircuts.
2. Your haircuts grow out unevenly.
3. You have varied textures and curl types.
4. Stylists never understand your hair.
5. You have varied spring/bounce with the curls on your head.
6. You want to learn how to control your frizzy and dry hair.
7. You've had too many bad haircuts, you're afraid to let someone cut your hair and you've resorted to cutting it yourself though it's uneven.
8. You want to understand your hair better and receive specialized knowledge just for you!
©2014 Dianne Nola
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