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What inspired you to enter the hair industry?

Dianne Nola: I had just graduated college in the arts and didn't want to go to graduate school. I was already cutting hair at $5 a person and loved it. Those were the only jobs that appealed to me in the paper. An office job wasn't going to work with my energetic nature.

When did you know that being a curly stylist is what you wanted to do?

DN: Cutting curly hair is something I've always done. I've always had a certain amount of curly clientele. I kept honing my skills because it drew me in; it was challenging. I was drawn to all of the infinite textures and stories behind each person. I was attracted to the beauty of the hair.

How would you define your own hair?

DN: Fine in diameter. Completely colored. Mainly 2C with 2B on crown.

Explain in your own words what a Devacurl dry cut is.

DN: A method of using only your fingers to lift the hair and cut. No use of the comb. The cut is connected to the washing, drying and styling methods and the "Curly Girl Method" in general.

What are some of the biggest concerns clients have when it comes to their hair?

DN: Thinning and loss of hair with aging. What causes it, what can they do about it and how it affects their identity. In my experience, thinning hair happens because of a gradual or abrupt change in hormones. I'm not a doctor, just an investigative stylist who has seen a lot of patterns over the years. Several times a week, a woman will sit in my chair and confide about her hair loss. I listen. I get it. This is what all women need, especially those who are thinning. We need to be heard.


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