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Remembering JESSICURL

Let's celebrate the most light all year 'round, Pride month and people that make life worth living.

As I was soaking in the gorgeous natural sauna of Sedona last week, I was delivered some unfortunate news that will affect some of you. Jess, the owner and founder of Jessicurl Products, has passed away. Her health hadn't been good for the past several years. She was only 47.

The thing about Jess was... she was always Jess. She never had a guard. She was never pretentious. She was the most loving, deep-hugging, hilarious, dance and laugh-out-loud woman in this curl and beauty industry I have met. And everyone felt that way.

She grew up in St. Helena (near Calistoga for non-NorCal people) and was supporting herself driving around as a physical trainer while living in the East Bay. She started making products in her kitchen there and sending samples of her recipes to other curly women on the threads of around 20 years ago. Then things took off.

I bought her products about 15 years ago when I spotted them in a shop. At the time, there weren't many lines and the name of her "Rockin' Ringlets Potion" cracked me up. Eventually I gave her a haircut (still on my website), carried the products myself and became friends.

Jess continued to build her brand, remarried and moved from Humboldt to Oregon to LA. Her TED talk is inspiring. She was inspiring. The curl community will miss her.

In health & beauty,



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