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"Flip It...Flip It Good!" Clip Application

"I have a few clients who really struggle with clip application.

Photo 1

I've started teaching them my "Flip It" trick," says Cathy Vacura Thompson.

Cathy is another warm-hearted and passionate Curly Hair Specialist south of Denver, Colorado. I met Cathy through Curly Hair Artistry and we continue to inspire each other.

"Determine where you want your final part to be.

Flip the hair over to create a part about 1" to 1.5" parallel to the final part position (photo1).

Photo 2

This creates nice loops to easily slide in 4-5 clips. (photo 2.)

Photo 3

Repeat/ flip to the other side of the final part, slide in clips (photo 3).

Photo 4

Flip back to final part position (photo 4).

Dry. To remove clips without pulling hair, repeat process."

Photo 5 - Finished!

Click for more information on Cathy Vacura Thompson or her salon,

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