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"O" Clipping from Brianne Prince!

My curl friend/specialist, Brianne Prince, has a wonderful video that takes the mystery out of curl clipping. Here is the article and video from her blog!

"I want to talk a little bit about clipping your hair. I have so many clients that come in and tell me that they have tried it in the past and just couldn't get the hang of it. Usually the reasons why are that they are using the wrong type of clip for their hair or that they are attempting to clip at an awkward angle, (either from underneath the curl or because they are crossing their arm in front of their face). I get many complaints that the little hairs around the crown get caught around the top of the clip and cause snagging on removal.

All of these issues can be virtually eliminated by clipping the way I show in this video. Something that we used to talk about in beauty school was wrapping rollers "off base" to create more volume in the hair. Well, here we are using the same idea, allowing the hair to fall off base with your head tilted to gain maximum volume while leaving the clips heads exposed to hasten and simplify removal. One thing I did not mention in the video is how to approach the back, and that is very simple. Just look way up at the ceiling (I almost arch my back) and grab a section, aiming the clip down towards the floor. I never attempt too many at the back of the head because we do not have eyes back there! This portion of your head will have to be done by feeling and you don't want to be fishing clips out back there that got put in sideways or upside down. Less is more until you get the hang of it. As for the type of clip, the choice is yours. I love Vinyl Single Prong clips by Marianna, but outside of Amazon they can be tricky to find. Heavier hair, however, may weigh these smaller clips down so that they sag which is never good. So for my curly hair friends that have long, heavy, thick or dense hair, you may like the stronger larger style clips a lot better. There are all kinds of clips and it's a personal thing so I encourage you to explore what works best for you!"

For more of Brianne's blog posts, go to her site at!

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