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Innersense Texture Tour!

First of all I went to an incredible all day texture show put on by Innersense with colleagues and models! It was so inspiring as they showed the latest in mixing products, styles and cuts that express your identity and pronoun.

Erin Nelson Doh-Dianne Nola-Innersense Tour
Erin Nelson Doh and me

This leads into my next subject. My New Client Questionnaire will now have a place for pronoun preference. And please let me know if your pronoun has changed or if I have been using it incorrectly.

Aeleise Harris (Hair Love Art)  - Dianne Nola @ Innersense Tour
Aeleise Harris (Hair Love Art)

Aaron Scott Lacy, Dianne Nola at Innersense Tour
Aaron Scott Lacy

Remember that small house 🏡 across from the suite? Well, it does not exist anymore! Apparently they are in a 2+ year construction project to make it a four story-8 unit building. Most likely it will have an elevator and garage as well.

Looking for lunch? Then check out this great new salad place, Sweetgreen, on Chestnut at Fillmore!

Loni Jean (Desert Curls Studio), Dianne Nola @ Innersense Tour
Loni Jean (Desert Curls) and Me

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