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Do You Have Dandruff??

QUESTION: My dandruff is really noticeable. My doctor told me to use Head & Shoulders but it's really drying my hair out. I feel stuck and am not sure what to do. What would you suggest?

ANSWER 1: Dandruff shampoos with pine tar will strip your hair of oils and perpetuate the issue. I definitely do not recommend this cleanser.

Curl products can be more concentrated and hydrating than the regular products you've been using all your life. Make sure to vigorously massage your scalp when applying a cleanser and thoroughly rinse it out. Also try using less conditioner to allow the scalp to breathe.

ANSWER 2: Instead, try applying several drops of Tea Tree essential oil daily to your finger pads and massaging it into

the scalp.

ANSWER 3: I recommend using Malibu C Scalp Wellness. My clients love it and so do I. It's also highly regarded professionally.

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