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Translating Curls with San Francisco’s Best: A Salon Chat with Dianne Nola

All curls are not created equal. All curly hair is not all curly. And each curl has a mind of its own. A curl specialist knows this. Many of us with coils and ringlets do not. Luckily there are stylists like Dianne Nola to translate our tendrils into a language we understand.

“An experienced stylist is like a psychic and hair doctor in one. They ‘get you’ before you even sit in the chair,” she says. “Breathe. Go to someone very experienced. They already know a lot about your hair. The missing piece is your lifestyle and expectations.”

The Best of San Francisco just named Dianne the top Curly Hair Stylist in the Bay Area, a tremendous title to hold in a city of salons. So we had to know more about this “hair doctor”… here’s our conversation!

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