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Sweet New Café ~ Coffee Berry

Before the internet, I would pass out flyers with restaurant recommendations to my clients. There were illustrations along the borders for the best finds. Here's my latest in 2023!

Coffee Berry Cafe, Jose

Coffee Berry, a cozy café, just opened at 1410 Lombard between Van Ness and Franklin. It's just a block away from where I work and the people are super sweet. It's the perfect spot to hang out before or after your curl sprucing up with me!

They have superb, fresh and flakey Cibo pastries that they receive every morning from Sausalito. They also serve Sightglass coffee.

J.T. and José are the owners and they will even put your creamer in the coffee and stir it for you! How's that for customer service?! Maria is at the cash register and also extremely friendly.

Check it out!


Coffee Berry Cafe, Maria


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